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Tehran Subway System


Tehran Subway System construction project is more than 40 years old, but due to some issues such as revolution and war it was halted for several years and finally became available to the public in 1999. Today the subway is active in several lines and transfers more than 3 million people each day throughout Tehran and Karaj. In recent years it has expanded rapidly thus most crowded areas in Tehran are connected to the subway system.

As a tourist you can travel to more 90 percent of Tehran’s attractions and hotels using the subway system.

Metro also is the fastest, cheapest and one of the fastest ways to navigate the city especially during rush hours.


How to find Metro stations?

Most metro stations are visible on Google Map; you can also find the nearest station to each attraction, hotel or restaurant using our “nearby places” system.

Additionally, since subway system is called “Metro” in Iran, you can ask people for directions to the nearest station using this word.

Metro stations are usually marked using these signs:

How to use metro?

Search for a ticket booth upon entering a station, they usually look like this:

You can obtain two types of tickets

  • Paper tickets which are available in two forms
    • One-way tickets: sold for 6000 Rials and can only be used once, regardless of the distance.
    • Two-way tickets: sold for 10000 Rials and can be used twice, for example for a round trip, regardless of the distance.
    • Timed tickets: Sold different types such as one-day, three-day, 7-day, etc… Traveling using these tickets is slightly cheaper than normal tickets.
  • To use paper tickets insert them in the slots on the fare gates and retrieve them from the other side, then pass through the gate.
  • You do not need to re-insert the card when leaving; the doors automatically open when you approach the gate.
  • Tehran public transport unified smart cards ,these credit cards can be used not only for metro, but also for BRT (bus rapid transit) and normal busses too. Traveling using these cards are much cheaper than paper tickets (about a third) but you have to remember to add funds to them when you run out of credit. To obtain these cards go the credit-card booth in a station and ask the seller for a new card. Initial issuance fee in 50000 Rials and you can also charge the card further if you wish. To use these tickets place them atop of the magnetic reader on the fare gate and pass through the gate when it opens. Since the system charges you based on the distance you travelled, Remember to also put the card on the reader when exiting, otherwise a penalty will be subtracted from your credit next time you use your card.

Using the metro

Tehran metro, like any other subway system in the world, uses unified signs throughout the stations. Please note that you do not need to leave the station or pass through the gates to change lines nor you are charged any extra. You can travel to any station from any station you enter.

Things to remember when using metro:

  • Tehran metro is extraordinarily crowded and unpleasant during rush hours; lots of passengers try to enter the train especially in intersections.
  • Even though security in metro is very good, be careful about your pockets and personal items, everywhere in the world has pickpockets.
  • All stations have metro police staff stationed in them, ask them for help should anything happen to you.
  • Photographing inside the stations or the train without a permit is illegal and can result in confiscation of your camera or even arrest. If you plan to do so obtain a permit from metro officials in advance.
  • When using the subway, keep the name of the previous and subsequent station of your destination in mind so that you can be sure about your approximate position

Map of Tehran subway system (metro)