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Tehran BRT

<span class='wiki' wiki='Short for Bus Rapid Transit, usually red busses moving through bus lanes in crowded parts of large cities, you need to have a smart city transportation card in order to be able to use them.' >BRT</span>_banner

Due to the steady increase in traffic congestions in Tehran, in 2007 Municipality of Tehran started setting up bus lanes in the streets and later on after buying big, fast busses turned them into “Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)” lanes.

Today, many BRT lanes exist throughout Tehran thus it is possible to travel to most neighborhoods using BRT network.

BRT lanes are not open to other vehicles allowing busses to move fast and disciplined; they can get pretty crowded in but in return they are the second fastest way to travel around the city in rush hours, after Metro. Also, BRT network has many stops along the way, enabling you to get on the bus with only minimal walking from wherever you are on its route.


Finding BRT lanes

BRT lanes are usually located at the center of the streets and usually have the same look. You can locate the closest stop to you using a map or our “nearby places” system. BRT busses also usually share the same look and color

Using BRT

You can only use the BRT network using Tehran transportation smart credit cards, by which you can use both Metro and BRT. These cards are obtainable from credit card selling booths in Metro stations and “EZ pay” kiosks next to BRT stations. You can also add funds to your cards in these places.

To use them place them atop of the reader device in the bus stops which charges your credit about 5000 Rials (differs in different lanes), afterwards you can get on the bus.

  • If you leave the bus but not the station, you can get on another bus in the same lane without paying again, but when you leave the station, you have to use your card to enter again.
  • You have to pay the fare again when changing lanes.
  • As we mentioned earlier, BRT busses can be very crowded during rush hours, impeding entry and exit.