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Kashan Hotels List

Your trip to Iran can be truly enjoyable if you choose the right time to travel. You will definitely find a lot of things in Iran which you have never seen in any other place. Iran is full of surprises and curiosities and to discover them you need to look at the calendar first while planning your trip. Iranians use their own calendar which is different from the Gregorian one. In this page you can see all of kashan Hotel List.

Ameri Ha Saray

Kashan, Alavi St, Bastan Haftom Death end(bonbast)

Ameri Ha Saray Rank
Mahin saray raheb

Kashan, Fazel Naraqi St, Farhang 31 alley

Mahin saray raheb Rank

Kashan, Motahhari Blvd, Near Bank Melli

Maryam Rank
Ehsan old house

Kashan, Kamal al Molk Sq, Fazel Naraqi St

Ehsan old house Rank
Irani House

Kashan, Kamal al Molk Sq, Fazel Naraghi St, Alavi St, Bastan Panjom(5th) St (Kooshk Safi, kaashi 8)

Irani House Rank


Kashan, Abaazar St, Near to Bazaar

Saiah Rank

Kashan, Amir kabir St, Near to Fin garden

Negarestan Rank

Kashan, Ghotb Ravandi Blvd, Front of Ayatollah Park

Kowsar Rank
Khoneh Noghli

Kashan, Fazel Naraghi St, Back of Agha Bozorg Mosque(Masjed), Gozar Ab anbar khan, Kashi 20

Khoneh Noghli Rank
Amir Kabir

Kashan ,Amirkabir St, Before Fin garden

Amir Kabir Rank
Rose House

Kashan, Amirkabir St, Amir al momenin St , Front of Tepe Sialk

Rose House Rank
Sonati Negin

Kashan, Mohtasham St, Shahidan Sabet Alley, Emarat chaarom(4th) Alley , Number 32

Sonati Negin Rank
Sonati Manouchehr

Kashan, Mohtasham Kashani St , Shahid Sabet Alley, Emarat (Building) 7

Sonati Manouchehr Rank
Khaneh Dost

Kashan, Gozar Ab anbar(Cistern) khaan, Near Ab Anbaar(Cistern)

Khaneh Dost Rank
Khane Morshedi

Kashan, Kamal al Molk Sq, Darvazeh Isfahan St, Boustani Alley

Khane Morshedi Rank