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Iranian Money


Just as in any other country there are various coins and banknotes in Iran. The official Iranian currency is called Rial which is used all over the country. Yet, things can get a little tricky because what people use in every day purchases is not Rial.


Toman and Rial

As we said Rial is the official currency but Iranians mostly use Toman. One Toman equals ten Rials or you can simply remove one zero from Rial value and you will have it in Toman. For example 2500 Rials = 250 Tomans. So it seems quite simple to calculate Toman, but sometimes things can get complicated.

When you ask prices, Iranians will mostly reply in Toman, not in Rial, but everything is based on Rial, so you have to know that when an Iranian asks for 10,000 Tomans you have to pay him 100,000 Rials. The other problem is that price tags in shops can be both in Rial or Toman. Usually in big shops the prices are written in Rial but in small shops it is always in Toman.

How to tell if it is Rial or Toman?

There is no specific rule to help you understand that a price tag is in Rial or Toman, so the best way is to ask the shop assistant. But we can give you some hints:

Mostly in Rial all tickets included bus, metro, airplane etc.; price tags in big chain shops, menus in big restaurants, prices in hotels, entrance fees for tourist attractions.

Mostly in Toman small shops and restaurants, any time you ask an Iranian how much something costs.

Paper Money

Most of the low value banknotes have been replaced by coins and the remaining ones will be collected within a few years.

The highest value banknote is 1,000,000 Rials and the lowest is 500 Rials (rarely used)

Here you can see each banknote with some information about it.

PaperMoney1 PaperMoney2

5000 Rial / 500 Toman

PaperMoney3 PaperMoney4

10000 Rial / 1000 Toman

PaperMoney5 PaperMoney6

20000 Rial / 2000 Toman

PaperMoney1 PaperMoney2

50000 Rial / 5000 Toman

PaperMoney3 PaperMoney4

100000 Rial / 10000 Toman



1000 Rial / 100 Toman


2000 Rial / 200 Toman


5000 Rial / 500 Toman