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Currency Exchange

First of all you should notice that there are 2 different exchange rates for each currency: official and unofficial. Official rate is lower and it is only for importing highly demanded goods. Free rate is used for all other purposes. So when you are exchanging your money in Iran, make sure to do it based on the unofficial rate, which yields you more Iranian money. Banks exchange your money in official rates, so you should avoid exchanging in banks. Some people may also try to cheat you and exchange in official rates. So it is best to convert your money in exchange shops.

You can find registered exchange shops in all the cities of Iran. The rates are usually shown behind the display window. The prices can be slightly different in each exchange shop but they all sell and buy money based on unofficial rate.


Exchange Rates

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Attention : All exchange rate is Approximate and will be change day to day.

Take Care

  • Exchange shops need your passport or a copy of it and they have to give you a receipt after exchanging money.
  • You should always count all the money while you are still in their shop. You can even use their digital money counters.
  • Always put your money in a safe place before leaving the shop.
  • Refuse to take the money if it is torn or the serial number is damaged, because some shops do not accept it and you will have to change it in specific banks.
  • Avoid selling your money to peddlers because sometimes they give you fake Iranian bank notes. Although this is not a common practice in Iran, it is better to be on the safe side.
  • Tour agencies also buy money but they offer lower rates because of the added interest. It’s normal if they cut 1000 Rials (100 Tomans) but more than that is not fair, so before selling your money to anyone except exchange shops you should check the daily price of your currency.
  • You can buy gift cards from banks. These are debit cards with the customer’s name on it. You can use it for online shopping, regular shopping in the stores and withdrawing cash from ATMs.