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Your trip to Iran can be truly unforgettable if you choose the right time to travel. You will definitely find a lot of things in Iran which you have never seen in any other place. Iran is full of surprises and curiosities and to discover them you need to look at the calendar first while planning your trip. Iranians use their own calendar which is different from the Gregorian one.


Calendars used in Iran

The official Iranian calendar is the Solar (Persian Hijri) Calendar used all over the country.

The Persian Hijri calendar is a solar calendar, according to which each year has 365 days and every four years there is one year with 366 days. Persian Hijri calendar starts from the date when Prophet Muhammad travelled from Mecca to Medina nearly 1400 years ago. According to Wikipedia and other online sources the Persian Hijri calendar is the most accurate calendar used in the world.

Since Iran is an Islamic country, most holidays are connected with the religion, like the birth or death of a saint in Islam, but these holidays are based on Arabic lunar Hijri calendar, not the Persian Hijri.

The Arabic lunar Hijri calendar is different from the Persian one. Being a lunar calendar it has less days in a year and the holidays are shifted for 11 days each year in Persian calendar. And since it is very complicated to find the date of an Islamic holiday in Gregorian calendar, there are some triple calendars combining all the three together, so you can easily see the exact dates in Persian, Arabic and Gregorian calendars. We have put that calendar in our website for your convenience.

Persian New Year

It can be one of the worst periods for traveling to Iran. Unlike its name which is associated with ceremonies, the only thing that you really see is traffic congestions.

Iranian New Year starts on March 21, but the ceremonies and the issues they cause can start 5 days earlier and last until April 3rd.

According to Persian calendar, holidays last from March 20th until March 24th, but since schools and universities are closed until April 2nd; many private companies also close their offices until April 2nd. In governmental offices, only half of the staff works until April 2nd.

During New Year holidays, millions of people travel to touristic cities and especially to the Caspian coastal provinces; and the traffic congestion can be so heavy that you might spend more than 20 hours for a 3-hour-trip.

Even if you manage to get to the touristic sights, they may be so packed that you will have only a few minutes to look at the landmarks.

Hotels and transportation systems get very busy. As a result the prices go up and the quality goes down.

A few days before the New Year, Tehran gets super busy, hosting nearly 15 to 20 million people, many of whom come from other cities for the shopping season. Public transport gets so crowded that even the locals prefer not to use them.

After March 21st Tehran becomes almost empty for 10 days and there are some free tours arranged by city municipality for getting around Tehran.

So our recommendation is: never think of coming to Iran during New Year period and plan your trip so that you leave Iran at least 5 days before New Year holidays start.

What to Do,Where to Go It can be one of the worst periods for traveling to Iran, unlike its name that maybe you imagine there are celebrations that you can enjoy, the only thing that you can see in Iran roads and touristic cities is Traffic and traffic.

Time Range 15 March to 3 April

  • If you have Persian friends you can accompany with them as they are free.
  • Busy tourism attractions
  • High traffic in roads and streets of touristic cities
  • Expensive hotel and transportation rates
  • Hard to find free room in hotels
  • Hard to find a free seat in transportation vehicles

Ramadan Month

One month in Arabic Hijri calendar is called Ramadan; during which Muslims fast from dusk to dawn, not eating or drinking anything. They even don not smoke, nor do they swim.

According to Islamic rules it is also forbidden to eat and drink in public places even if you are not fasting. You can still eat and drink in your car, hotel room or any other place that is not public.

Restaurants, stores, swimming pools and even bakeries and are closed during this period, but they will be open after sunset.

Nowadays government allows some restaurants to be open during daytime for those people who prefer not to fast but they have to close their doors in order not to attract the passersby. These restaurants serve only cold food.

Fasting in Islam is forbidden for sick people and travellers who do not want to stay more than 10 days in their destination. So if you have an Iranian driver most probably he will not be fasting. Also, food is served in hotels, buses and trains because they are hosting travellers.

Of course it is hard to stay without food and especially water in summer when the daytime is long and the weather is quite hot in Iran. So travelling to Iran during this period can be somewhat disappointing.

During Ramadan hotels are cheaper and touristic sights are not as crowded as usual since religious observers abstain from traveling.

You can see Ramadan period for this year in our calendar.

What to Do,Where to Go

Time Range You can see Ramadan period for this year in our calendar.

  • Cheap hotel and transportation rates
  • Free tourism attractions
  • Free roads and streets of touristic cities
  • Hard to eat or drink as many restaurants are closed (especially in summer time)


Muharram is the first month in Arabic Hijri Calendar. During this month Hussein, the third imam in Shia Islam and his followers died in a battle with caliph Yazid in Karbala.

Shias observe ten days of remembrance for the battle. Mourning ceremonies include different practices, of which “dasteh” is notable; a carnival consisted of a large crowd performing according to local culture in each city, which usually blocks the traffic momentarily.

We strongly recommend you to watch the ceremony and enjoy the free food.

Many people give food to passersby in the streets during Muharram. They open their garage doors and people form a queue to take the food in packages.

Different types of food are given away but the most prevalent are Qeimeh and Qormeh Sabzi, and to a lesser extent Kebab and Fesenjun.

During Muharram, many mourning ceremonies are held in Tehran (especially in the south) and also other cities. For example Yazd has many famous ceremonies during that period which attracts many locals as well as tourists.

The most important days of Muharram are Tasu’a and Ashura. Ashura is the day when Hussein was killed by Caliph Yazid’s army led by Shemr. Sometimes traditional street theatres (ta’ziyeh) are organized demonstrating the battle.

So if you want to see the ceremonies you have to be in Iran during Tasua and Ashura. You can find the dates in our calendar.

The only problem of Muharram is that during Tasua and Ashura some roads are very busy and many places including touristic sights and restaurants are closed, so be ready to spend these 2 days in the city since you may not be able to even book any tickets.

If you want to see Iran during Muharram, you should plan your trip so that you can stay in Yazd during Ashura and Tasua.

What to Do,Where to Go We strongly recommend you to enjoy watching this ceremony and eat the free food that given in this ceremony.

Time Range You can see Muharram period for this year in our calendar.

  • Especial carnivals of Muharram
  • Cheap hotel rates
  • Easy to travel during Muharram except Ashora and Tasoa
  • Eating free foods (Nazri) during Muharram
  • Everywhere is closed during 2 days in Muharram (Ashora and Tasoa)
  • Banners are attached to some touristic attractions
  • Hard to find tickets for transportation during 2 days (Ashora and Tasoa)
  • Hotels and restaurants have lack in service during 2 days (Ashora and Tasoa)

Charshanbe Suri (Wednesday Party)

Charshanbe means Wednesday and chasrshanbe suri is the last Wednesday of the year. Iranians celebrate it the night before the last Wednesday.

Previously this celebration was fun. People used to make fire in the streets and jump over it. They cooked some dishes and invited all of their family together to celebrate the night together.

Unfortunately nowadays especially in Tehran the Wednesday party has turned into a dangerous event, because some young people and even adults use home-made explosives and firecrackers which are often quite unsafe.

Of course if you are invited to spend the night with an Iranian family, it will be very enjoyable, but if you just want to walk around the city, we recommend you to return to your hotel after 5 p.m.

This problem is only for mega cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz though. Yazd, for example, and other smaller cities are safer that night.

What to Do,Where to Go Unfortunately nowadays especially in Tehran Wednesday party became a dangerous event, because some young people and adults use firecrackers that some of them are dangerous in streets.

Time Range You can see Charshanbe period for this year in our calendar.

  • If you have an Iranian friend you can enjoy charshanbe souri party
  • Dangerous and not standard fireworks by youth and teenagers
  • Traffic at cities especially in Tehran