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What does this website do?

The main goal to this website is offering information to travelers from the moment they decide to come to Iran until they finish their trip. Our website is not going to advertise Iran or any organization, thus in this website you will only find information about coming to, leaving in and leaving Iran. We do not intend to rival Wikipedia either; therefore we refrain from giving general knowledge or historical information and will only focus on details that helps your planning process or help you in different situations. We hope you, using this website, can find the best way to travel to Iran and the best solutions while encountering issues during your trip.

Who we are?

nosytourist.com is a non-profit organization providing information about tourism. Our team consists of professionals and volunteers each working on a specific field. Due to the lack of information about tourism in Iran, we have gathered together to collect these pieces of information. Therefore, the information found on this website is usually up to date and is being regularly added to. We can guarantee that the website receives new updates at least once per month.

Who we are not

  • Wikipedia: We are not Wikipedia; we do not provide historical or general knowledge. You can use Wikipedia for such purposes.
  • Travel Agency: Our website is not related to any Travel Agency and does not do any direct economic activity, therefore we are not advertising any touristic services.
  • Advertising Iran: We do not intend to advertise Iran as a destination for travel. We only try to provide information for travelers who have already decided to come to Iran.

Contacting us

You can contact us to acquire up to date and accurate information. In case you need any relevant information that you cannot find on the website or you doubt the accuracy of the information found on the website, you can contact us for further assistance. Our team will do its best to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.