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Tirageh Commercial Complex, Ahrafi Esfahani Exp., Tehran

+98 21 44491709-44492000

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Tehran wonderland recreational complex is actually the top floor of Tirazheh mall. It started offering service in 2003 and quickly gained popularity after the grand Tehran amusement park was shut down. Most of the games are designed for children but some are also usable by adults. Today, this complex has different facilities such as movie theater, children’s and adults’’ bowling alley and birthday hall.

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Opening Hours16:00-24:00 Saturday-Wednesday|14:00-24:00 Thursday|12:00-24:00 Friday and public days
Entrance Fee15,000
Best time to visit
Required Time2 to 3 Hours
Opening Days
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

Take BRT to "Tiraje" station

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