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Vakil Bath

Taleghani St., Shiraz

+98 71 32247646

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Vakil Bath
Vakil Bath
Vakil Bath
Vakil Bath
Vakil Bath
Vakil BathVakil BathVakil BathVakil BathVakil Bath


Vakil was Karim Khan’s alias, a king from Zandid dynasty. He orders for construction of a complex consisting of a bathhouse, a mosque and a bazaar. The idea was that you should first wash yourself, then pray while clean, then proceed to do business. Traditional bathhouses were a place for social gatherings and also ceremonies. This bathhouse has most sections that are traditionally common for such bathhouses and different statues in different points show you the functionality of each section. Usually Shirazi songs are played here to liven up the place.

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Opening Hours8:00 - 20:00
Entrance Fee150,000
Best time to visit….
Required Time1 hour
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required2

How We Get There?

Shohada Sq., Arg Karimkhani, walk along Pars museum., Taleghani St., turn right.

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