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Togrol Tower

Shahid Taqipur St, Ebn-e-Babeveyh, Tehran

+98 21 33761233,33746403

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Togrol Tower
Togrol Tower
Togrol Tower
Togrol TowerTogrol TowerTogrol Tower


This old tower is located in Rey city south of Tehran. Its history is pretty unclear, but it is widely considered to be a mausoleum from Seljuk era. It had multiple functionalities, for example a fire would be lit on top of it, so that travelers on the silk road would find their path, also because of its unique shape it is possible to accurately guess the time of the day using its shadow; furthermore, the interior has a voice amplification feature which is still notable even though the ceiling does not exist anymore. Tughrul tower is one of the oldest preserved buildings in Tehran.

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Opening Hours-
Entrance Fee80,000
Best time to visit
Required Time20 Minutes
Opening Days-
Guide Required2

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Shahr-e-rey" station, in bus terminal take bus to dowlatabad, ask from driver to tell you when you reach to ebne babe vei then walk to east through Shahid Taqipur St

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