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Shapouri Pavilion & Garden

Anvari St., Karim Khan Zand Ave., Shiraz

+98 71 32332934

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Shapouri Pavilion & Garden
Shapouri Pavilion & Garden
Shapouri Pavilion & Garden
Shapouri Pavilion & GardenShapouri Pavilion & GardenShapouri Pavilion & Garden


This building was built 800 years ago as residence for Shapuri family of traders and now belongs to Iran’s Cultural Heritage organization. This beautiful building is located in Shiraz and has features of western architecture such as balconies and is also among the first in Iran that was designed using modern architecture. Today this building is used as a cultural center and also has a restaurant/coffee shop.

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Opening Hours8:00-17:000
Entrance Fee200,000
Best time to visitmorning
Required Time1 hour
Opening Days
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

Karimkhan Zand Blvd., Anvari St.

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