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Cistern of Saryazd

Saryazd, 35th. Km. of Yazd-Kerman Rd.


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Cistern of Saryazd
Cistern of Saryazd
Cistern of SaryazdCistern of Saryazd


Cisterns were designed to keep a year’s worth of drinking water. How cistern managed to preserve the water for a year is a secret that will be uncovered in your trip! Cisterns had a staircase for accessing the tap, a dome and several windcatchers for ventilation.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visitNULL
Required Time30 Minutes
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

The cheapest and easiet way to go to Mehriz, Saryazd and Fahraj (as the second famous touristy route, outside of the city) is booking a taxi or a guide driver. They are not in the same common route and so, this is the best way to go there. Of course, you

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