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Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)

Saryazd, 35th. Km. of Yazd-Kerman Rd.


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Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)
Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)
Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)
Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)Saryazd old gate (Darvazeh Farafar)


Today, only a portal remains of the Farafar gate; some people say that it was a gat to the city with the same name in a thousand years ago, but some people say it is actually a wall, belonging to a now-destroyed 16th century mausoleum of a sacred person, based on the fact that there is a graveyard nearby. Many photographers have used the sight of this gate a night as the subject for photography.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visitNULL
Required Time30 Minutes
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

The cheapest and easiet way to go to Mehriz, Saryazd and Fahraj (as the second famous touristy route, outside of the city) is booking a taxi or a guide driver. They are not in the same common route and so, this is the best way to go there. Of course, you

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