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Saad Abaad

Shahid Kamal Taheri St., Shahid Fallahi (Zaferanieh) Av., Vali-e Asr St., Tehran

+98 21 22752031

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Saad Abaad
Saad Abaad
Saad Abaad
Saad Abaad
Saad Abaad
Saad Abaad
Saad AbaadSaad AbaadSaad AbaadSaad AbaadSaad AbaadSaad Abaad


The Saad abad complex is located in north west of Tehran as a large garden with 18 palaces. During the Qajar era it was used for the king’s accommodation, it was alter expanded by Pahlavis ad many buildings were added to it, most of which are used as museums today. The atmosphere is beautiful especially with parrots living on its trees. There is a collection of old Pahlavi era cars in this complex.

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Opening Hours9:00-17:30
Entrance Fee300,000| museums and palaces 240,000
Best time to visit
Required Time1 to 2 Hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Tajrish" station then walk to west to Tajrish Sq then take a taxi to Saad Abaad

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