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Qur'an Gate

Tavoos Square, Haft Tanan Blvd, Shiraz


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Qur'an Gate
Qur'an Gate
Qur'an GateQur'an Gate


At the Northern entrance of Shiraz there is the Quran Gate at the side of the street, it was first built in 950 A.D., and a Quran was put atop of it so the people who either entered or left the city would receive the blessing. It was once destroyed in an earthquake and was rebuilt by Karim Khan, but Reza Shah demolished it and finally a Shirazi trader rebuilt it again. Nowadays “The Quran Gate” is the name of the gate itself and the surrounding area. Next to the gate there are two rocky hills which you can climb using stairs and enjoy a great view of the city.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance Fee100,000 for Khaju Tomb
Best time to visitnight specially in the summer
Required Time1-2 hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

along the Jahan Nama Garden, Shiraz

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