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Lonban Mosque

Lonban St, Isfahan


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Lonban Mosque
Lonban Mosque


This mosque was built by Safavids atop of one of the oldest mosques in Isfahan. One of the main twelve Shiite Imams are said to have prayed at the original mosque thus this place is very respected for the people of Isfahan. Two tiled tablets containing inscriptions remain of the original mosque.

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Opening Hours2 hours before noon prayer and evening prayer
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visit
Required Time30 Minutes
Opening Days
Guide Required2

How We Get There?

Walk to west through Sepah St to Chahar Bagh St walk to south to Sheykh Bahaei St then take a taxi to the west by telling to taxi "Mostaqim ta kashani" ask from driver to stop at Mosadeq Sq, walk to south through Shahpor St to Lonban St then walk to west

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