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Jolfa Square

Jolfa Sq, Middle Nazar St, Isfahan


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Jolfa Square
Jolfa Square
Jolfa SquareJolfa Square


Jofa Square is located south of Zayande river. Age-wise, it is as old as Zayande river and has been the center of the Armenian quarter for years. This beautiful square was built by Iranian Armenians and has various decorations around it. There are multiple famous churches around it such as Vank, Bedkhem and Maryam. There are also several decent cafés in this square for resting and meetings. Unfortunately lack of proper maintenance has caused deterioration in this square.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visit
Required Time10 Minutes
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required2

How We Get There?

Walk to west through Sepah St to Chahar Bagh St then take Bus number 91 from Imam Hossein Sq, ask driver to drop you at "Tohid" station then walk to west through Middle Nazar St to Jolfa Sq

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