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Tomb of Hafez

Hafezieh St, Hafez St., Shiraz

+98 71 32284552

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Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of HafezTomb of HafezTomb of HafezTomb of HafezTomb of Hafez


Hafez and Ferdowsi are the most important Iranian poets, so much so that Goethe considers himself influenced by them and has dedicated a book to Hafez. Hafez’s poems contain deep philosophical meaning that have kept their effect throughout the ages; so different people with different levels of education and age can interpret different meanings off of them. Furthermore, these poems have tremendously helped the Iranian music industry grow. Thus the effect and influence these poems had on Iranian culture are quite shallow and vast and you can find a copy in almost every Iranian house. Traditionally these poems are also used for fortune telling: people think about a specific matter and open a random page, the tray to foresee the future based on the poem, this is sometimes done by street badgers who use a trained bird who pulls the poem out, but many people do not do this due to the possibility of poems being pre-selected. When you visit Hafez’s tomb you might see many Iranians reading the poems and crying which is due love the feel towards Hafez.

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Opening Hours8:00 - 22:30(Summer) ;8-21:30(Winter)
Entrance Fee200,000
Best time to visitevening
Required Time0.5 to 1 hour
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required3

How We Get There?

by taxi or walk from Arg Karimkhan to 22 Bahman St. at the end of street, from the inter section to Sahel St. turn right and go ahead to Hafezieh.

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