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Gole Zard Cave

Haraz Road, Polour


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Gole Zard Cave
Gole Zard Cave
Gole Zard Cave
Gole Zard CaveGole Zard CaveGole Zard Cave


This is a water cave North-East of Tehran; it is mostly consisted of Calcium Bicarbonate and is located on the hillside of a mount called Gol-e Zard. The entrance is very small and only professional cave explorers can go through it. It is possible to swim in the river inside the cave since it is 4 meters deep. This is a popular destination for cave exploration groups.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visit
Required Time1 Day
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required2

How We Get There?

You need to take private taxi

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