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Golestan Palace

  • Golestan Palace Unesco World Heritage Sight

Arg Sq. 15 Khordad St. Tehran

+98 21 33113335-38,33956662

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Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace
Golestan PalaceGolestan PalaceGolestan PalaceGolestan Palace


Golestan palace is probably the most important tourist attractions in Tehran, it is located next to Tehran grand bazaar. It was partially built during Safavid era but was dramatically expanded after Agha Mohammad Khan brought Qajars into power, chose Tehran as his capital and his coronation ceremony was held in this palace. This complex is a UNESCO world heritage site, it has several buildings which you have to buy separate entrance tickets for. The most important building is the main palace which has a museum and beautiful, historically important halls.

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Opening Hours9:00-19:00 (spring-summer)|9:00-18:00 (fall-winter)
Entrance Fee300,000| museums 400,000
Best time to visit-
Required Time2 hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Panzdah Khordad" station, walk through panzdah khordad St to east for 5 minutes

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