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Glass Painting

No.348, Qaedi(Hedayat) St., Sadi Ave., Tehran

+98 21 77526777

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Glass Painting
Glass Painting
Glass Painting
Glass Painting
Glass PaintingGlass PaintingGlass PaintingGlass Painting


This art was brought into Iran during Safavid era from Europe, India and China and welcomed by Iranians. In 1998 a Pahlavi era building was donated by its owners to be used as a museum and it started its service with 310 artworks. This is the second glass painting museum in the world.

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Opening Hours9:00- 17:30
Entrance Fee80,000
Best time to visit-
Required Time1 Hour
Opening DaysEveryday except Monday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Darvazeh Dowlat" station, walk to the east through enqelab St to Noormohamadi St the walk to south to Ghaedi St

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