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Fashafoieh Lake

Tehran-Qom Highway, Tehran

+98 21 56259225

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Fashafoieh Lake
Fashafoieh Lake
Fashafoieh Lake
Fashafoieh Lake
Fashafoieh Lake
Fashafoieh LakeFashafoieh LakeFashafoieh LakeFashafoieh LakeFashafoieh Lake


Fashafuyeh artificial lake was initially built in southern Tehran with a non-recreational goal in mind; but slowly some people started to jet-ski in it, thus the lake owners decided to change its functionality to a recreational area. This 7-hectare kale offers facilities such as jet-skiing, water-skiing, kayaks and several other water sports.

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Opening Hours10-20
Entrance FeeBase on use
Best time to visit-
Required Time3 Hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

Tehran-Qom highway., Km 18 after toll stand, km 5 after highway Underpass, Hasan Abad

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