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Delgosha Garden

Narenjestan St, Delgosha Blvd, Shiraz

+98 71 37309899

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Delgosha Garden
Delgosha Garden
Delgosha Garden
Delgosha Garden
Delgosha Garden
Delgosha GardenDelgosha GardenDelgosha GardenDelgosha GardenDelgosha Garden


This old garden is located next to Saadi’s tomb and is one of the oldest Iranian gardens belonging to Sassanid era; This garden had been vandalized numerous times until it was renovated in Safavid era and has been in use ever since. 90% of the trees in the garden are Orange trees; the pavilion has been designed using Sassanid architectural style and build in Zandid era.

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Opening Hours8:00-23:00
Entrance Fee200,000
Best time to visitDaylight
Required Time45 Minutes
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Delgosha intersection, along Tomb of Saadi,Shiraz

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