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Darvazeh Bage Meli

Imam Khmeini St., Tehran


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Darvazeh Bage Meli
Darvazeh Bage Meli
Darvazeh Bage Meli
Darvazeh Bage Meli
Darvazeh Bage MeliDarvazeh Bage MeliDarvazeh Bage MeliDarvazeh Bage Meli


This gate building is located at the entrance of a now non-existent square called “Mashq”. Mashq square used to be a place for practicing archery and military parades during Qajar era. During Pahlavi era this gate was built after the previous one was demolished buy the orders of Reza Shah. This gate was constructed with German help before world war II, after a while Mashq square was converted to a park called Bagh-e Melli (the National garden); the square was demolished and buildings for the Ministry of foreign affairs, the national library and the national museum were built instead.

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Opening Hours24/7
Entrance FeeFree
Best time to visit-
Required Time10 Minutes
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Imam Khomeini" station, walk a bit to the west

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