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Ceramic museum (Meybod)

Left side of the beginig of Shahid jafari nezhad street, Ghazi mir hossein Blvd., Basij Blvd., Meybod, Yazd


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Ceramic museum (Meybod)
Ceramic museum (Meybod)
Ceramic museum (Meybod)
Ceramic museum (Meybod)
Ceramic museum (Meybod)
Ceramic museum (Meybod)Ceramic museum (Meybod)Ceramic museum (Meybod)Ceramic museum (Meybod)Ceramic museum (Meybod)


Meybod is a city in North of Yazd and one of the most important centers of Ceramic production. Pottery has been a part of the city’s culture for thousands of years, thus Meybod ceramics and earthenware are unique in design. Among the oldest antiquities of this museum are some Median earthenware. There is also a educational workshop for pottery in this museum.

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Opening Hours9-19
Entrance Fee150000
Best time to visit-
Required Time0.5 to 1 hour
Opening DaysEveryday Except Sunday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

The cheapest and easiet way to go to Kharanagh, Chak Chak and Meybod (as the most famous touristy route, outside of the city) is booking a taxi or a guide driver. They are not in the same common route and so, this is the best way to go there.

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