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Carpet Museum

North-West Corner Of Laleh Park , Fatemi and Karegar Junction, Tehran

+98 21 88962703

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Carpet Museum
Carpet Museum
Carpet Museum
Carpet Museum
Carpet Museum
Carpet Museum
Carpet MuseumCarpet MuseumCarpet MuseumCarpet MuseumCarpet MuseumCarpet Museum


The Carpet museum of Iran is one of the main tourist attractions visited by most of the tourists. This museum exhibits classic and antique carpets with special designs. You can see a wide variety of Iranian carpets in this museum. The museum is a two-story building with the first floor is open for visits, and the perforated structure around the museum’s exterior is designed to resemble a carpet loom.

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Opening Hours9:00-18:00 (spring-summer)|9:00-17:00 (fall-winter)
Entrance Fee150,000
Best time to visit-
Required Time2 Hours
Opening DaysClosed
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Go to Enqelab Square by B.R.T or Metro and then take a taxi or walk to the north to reach the museum.;Go to Jahad Square station by B.R.T or Metro then walk to the west or take a taxi to Carpet Museum.

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