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Baghe giahshenasi

Bagh Giah Shenasi Blvd., Bist Metri Sarv Azad St., Peikanshahr motorway exit, Tehran- Karaj Freeway, Tehran

+98 21 4458 0283

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Baghe giahshenasi
Baghe giahshenasi
Baghe giahshenasi
Baghe giahshenasiBaghe giahshenasiBaghe giahshenasi


Botanical Garden of Iran is one of the biggest botanical gardens of the world. The herbarium of Iranian plants is gradually being built up, and in addition to that, it also has gardens of non-Iranian plants such as Himalayan, American, Japanese, African and Australian. This is a place for everybody and it is recommended that you spend the whole day to fully explore the place.

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Opening Hours9:00-17:00| Saturday-Friday
Entrance Fee150,000
Best time to visitDaylight
Required Time1 Day
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

Go to Vardavard or Irankhodro Station by Metro, Take a taxi to garden(Baq-e-Giahshenasi)

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