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Azadi Tower

Azadi Sq., Tehran

+98 21 66023951-4

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Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower
Azadi TowerAzadi TowerAzadi TowerAzadi TowerAzadi TowerAzadi Tower


The tower was designed by a person named "Hossein Amanat" in 1971. The tower is located in the west of Tehran in the "Azadi square" (freedom). The primary purpose from construction of this tower was to make a symbol to show Iranian modernism. In this building you can even see traces of Sassanid era architecture. The bottom view of this tower is also attractive. Inside view of the tower is very special and beautiful. The underside of the tower is used as museum, theater and art exhibition hall. According to a survey; "Azadi tower" continues to be more popular and remains to be the unique symbol of Tehran despite Tehran's "Milad Tower" that is higher and is a modern structure.

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Opening Hours9:00-16:00 Sunday-Thursday|10:00-16:00 Friday(Museum)
Entrance Fee150,000 (Museum)
Best time to visitHoliday's morning
Required Time0.5 to 2 Hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Take Metro to "Ostad Moein" station;Use BRT to azadi sqaure"Ostad Moein" station

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