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Aali Qapu Palace

Imam Sq(Naghsh-e-Jahan)., Isfahan

+98 31 32222173

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Aali Qapu Palace
Aali Qapu Palace
Aali Qapu PalaceAali Qapu Palace


One of the first tall buildings in Iran, it is 48 meters high and has 6 levels. It was built by Shah Abbas to give a better view when watching Chogan or military parades. Staircases are located in the back of the building and each stair has its own tilework. 6th floor is the music hall with its unique music instruments shaped stuccos. The building has an interesting sound transmission system, when you come through the first entrance immediately after the ticket booth, if you go to the corner of the room and talk facing the corner, anyone on the opposite corner will hear you clearly, but the people in the center of the room won’t. The balcony had been under renovation for a long time but recently most of the scaffoldings at the front half have been removed.

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Opening Hours9:00-16:30
Entrance Fee200,000
Best time to visitBefore 10 am
Required Time1 to 1.5 hours
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required2

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Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq

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