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Afif-Abad Garden

Mosalla Nejad Blvd, Afif Abad St., Shiraz

+98 71 36267343

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Afif-Abad Garden
Afif-Abad Garden
Afif-Abad Garden
Afif-Abad GardenAfif-Abad GardenAfif-Abad Garden


One of the oldest gardens in Iran, its traditional gardening procedure makes it unique among Iranian gardens. In the middle of this garden there is a two-story building dating back to 1865 which is interesting because of the ancient architectural styles. There is also a military museum, a traditional Iranian coffee house with old Iranian paintings and an Iranian bathhouse in the complex.

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Opening Hours8:00-12, 16:00-18:00
Entrance Fee100,000
Best time to visitmorning
Required Time1 hour
Opening DaysEveryday
Guide Required1

How We Get There?

Sattar Khan Blvd.

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