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  • Abgineh Unesco World Heritage Sight

31 Tir St., Jomhouri Ave., Tehran

+98 21 66708153-4

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Until 1951; the museum building was owned by the prime minister "Qavamolsaltane". Then; for seven years the building was under the control of Egyptian Embassy and later became the property of the Embassy of Afghanistan and eventually became a museum. The museum has two main features. The building of the museum itself is very beautiful and artistic as 50 types of Iranian architecture have been used in the construction of the museum. Also; the museum features ancient glass made by man belonging to more than four thousand years ago. There are also various dishes in the museum belonging to different historical periods that are very interesting. Architecture experts will find the museum very interesting for research.

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Opening Hours9:00-17:00
Entrance Fee150,000
Best time to visitMorning
Required Time2 hours
Opening DaysEveryday except Monday
Guide Required0

How We Get There?

By Metro go to Saadi station and then walk up the street "30 Tir".

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